Using Acrylic paint, I apply layer upon layer to create texture and depth. The canvas then is divided into many irregular shapes. A color is chosen for each that will be blended with a neutral as I work around the canvas rotating it regularly. This action creates a cohesive body with underlying surprises that draw your eye in for a deeper look.



I am drawn to color. I am constantly amazed at the color around me! In nature, the winter landscape, how subtle and distinct. In the market, the eggplant skin,   the beet, the color of ripe jalapenos or the hot red of the Cayennes, the color of fresh fish. Outside, a thistle, the greens, blues and yellows of the Gulf /Alabama spring, the Colorado sky. Tropical Hawaii with the deepest greens ever. The dry desert south west with its amazing surges of color out of barren spots. The many colors of sand. I enjoy painting complex layers to provide depth. I love to challenge a scene or object with more and different colors. When working abstractly, I explore many combinations, often starting with what I have open on my palette and working from there until the painting says "Im done".